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Business Innovation

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Competition is everywhere; asymmetric, disruptive and coming from every angle. Businesses need to go back to their roots and start innovating again.  Success isn't a destination, it’s an innovation journey and once you stop innovating, failure isn't far behind. In “Business Innovation”, the author challenges the existing corporate structures and approaches that stifle innovation and risk the long term future of the corporation. Instead, the author suggests companies need to embrace a new collaborative “hive” structure and resist hierarchical and clone mentality.

Top 12 Leadership Traits

Free Leadership PDF article by Nick Whiteley


There are 12 great traits that I believe are necessary for great leadership. I chose them not just because of their intrinsic value but also because of their interaction and relationship to the other traits. Some of the traits enable others, some are enabled by others and yet again some traits act as a (moral) constraint. They are to be seen holistically and there is no ranking implied in the order given.

8 Reasons Why IT Matters to Patient Safety

Free thought leadership pdf on IT and Patient Safety


We have seen IT transform almost every industry and our own lives and now is the time to leverage these tools to empower NHS managers to make the kind of quality decisions we need to keep patients safe every day.

innogise Business Quotations

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No fee and No Ads, just hundreds of carefully curated business quotations covering Leadership, Business, Innovation, Management, Culture, Change Management, Ethics, Values and Best Practice.

Quotations from Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Clayton Christensen, Dale Carnegie, Warren Buffet, Seth Goodin, Thomas Edison, Steven Covey, John C. Maxwell, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Porter, Peter Drucker and many more.

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