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Business Innovation: A little book of big ideas

“A company of sheep will unleash a competition of wolves”

Competition is everywhere; asymmetric, disruptive and coming from every angle. Businesses need to go back to their roots and start innovating again.  Success isn't a destination, it’s an innovation journey and once you stop innovating, failure isn't far behind. In “Business Innovation”, the author challenges the existing corporate structures and approaches that stifle innovation and risk the long term future of the corporation. Instead, the author suggests companies need to embrace a new collaborative “hive” structure and resist hierarchical and clone mentality.

This book is full of ideas including how to create a culture of innovation, where to start the innovation journey and how to overcome internal barriers.  Using concepts from Ocean Blue Strategy, Competing Values Framework and drawing on his own experience to present approaches and methods that create competitive advantage through innovation.

Time is the one commodity that can’t be bought, stored or sold and the author has distilled and condensed the ideas with precision so this book can be a fast read.   Kick-start your innovation journey now.

The book is relevant for anyone within the organisation responsible for Innovation including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, CIO’s, Product Directors, Managers and anyone who struggles to get an idea from concept to acceptance and production.

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